Groba Voedersystemen

Groba Feeding Systems

Feeding systems for pigs

Welfare and sustainability will be the key considerations of pig farming in the future. This means adapting the equipment used in pig housing accordingly. A comfortable climate, spacious pens and innovative feeding systems – like those produced by Groba – can all contribute to socially acceptable pig production.

High quality feeding systems

Groba feeding systems BV supplies high quality feeding systems for finishers, sows and piglets. Systems that supply feed and water hygienically and effectively. This enables pigs to growth in a responsible and sustainable way. The design of the feeders minimises spillage and keeps the animals healthy. And helps pig farmers reduce their expenditure. Together, we aim for optimal feed conversion rates.

Care for pigs

Stalko has been active in the production of feeders for pigs for more than fifty years. Groba acquired the brand in 2016. This has expanded our product portfolio with the addition of dry feeders for nursery piglets, weaned piglets, finishers and sows.


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