About Groba

The origin of Groba feeding systems BV was the pig farm run by the De Groot family in Balgoij. In the 1980s, the family needed new equipment for their pig houses, but the feeding systems available on the market at the time failed to meet their exacting standards. The only models available were unhygienic and wasted too much feed. A waste of resources, in the opinion of the De Groot family. They devised a new round feeder and designed a prototype. And with success!

Groba Feeding Systems Wijchen

Groba Feeding systems is based in Wijchen, centrally located in the Netherlands and close to neighbouring Germany. An excellent geographical position. Pig farmers all over the world now use Groba’s feeding systems. The company has an extensive dealer network in the Netherlands and works with distributors in other parts of Europe and in Africa, the USA, China and many other countries.

Groba’s feeding systems for pig husbandry

The personal advice and service offered by Groba encourages pig farmers to take a step to the next level. In other words: higher production in a responsible way. This goal is only possible with high quality systems. Would you like to know which systems suit your husbandry system best? As former pig farmers ourselves, we know precisely what pig farmers expect and need. Contact us for advice and we can explain all the benefits offered by our different systems. Contact us for no-obligation advice!