all-round feeder - Groba

For an excellent rearing phase

All-round feeder – Groba. A good rearing phase for weaned piglets gives vigorous, healthy animals. The housing and climate must both be optimal. Piglets must also have access to sufficient supplies of fresh feed and water immediately post-weaning. This prevents the occurrence of so-called weaning dip. The All-round feeder from Groba unites all the aspects of optimal feed provision.

Dry feeder for piglets

The All-round feeder, a dry feeder, ensures piglets always have access to feed. No learning phase necessary. The piglets can eat as a group from the open feeder that is divided into separate feeding places. This stimulates the feed intake, reduces stress and ensures a higher performance. Feed wastage is reduced and the piglets grow better. The feeder can be accurately adjusted and can be used to supply two pens with feed. Various profiles are available to mount the feed on a partition.

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all-round feeder - Groba


Open trough construction with feed place dividers. Hygienic and prevents feed spillage.

All-round feeder van Groba - afstelling


Accurate adjustment. Can provide pellets, meal and CCM to one or two piglet pens. Capacity 165 litres.

profielen All-round feeder - Groba


Can be placed in the partition between two pens. Range of different profiles available.

All-round feeder - Groba