zeugendosator - voerdosator voor zeugen

Keeps the sows in good condition

Sow doser – feed doser for sows. It is important to maintain sows in good condition during the lactation period. How feed is dispensed plays a major role: not just for the sows, but also for the piglets. With the Groba Sow Doser you know you are feeding your animals optimally.

Feed doser for sows

The sow doser comprises a seamless supply hopper made from specially produced plastic that fits onto virtually all types of farrowing pen. The sow doser is easy to clean and available in various models. The feed doser can be mounted inside and outside the farrowing pen. Various widths are available for mounting outside the farrowing pen. The stainless steel feed doser features highly accurate, eight-position adjustment. The sows have access to small rations of fresh feed all day long. This ensures a better feed intake and there is less acidic and wasted feed. This calms the sows – and you will notice the improvement as soon as you enter the farrowing section.

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Different designs are available for attachment inside or
outside the farrowing pen. For outside attachments, the
system is available in different widths.

Storage container

The Sow Doser is a seamless storage container made
from specially produced synthetic material. The doser
is easy to clean.


The feed dosing mechanism is made of stainless steel
with an accurate, 8-position adjustment.

zeugendosator - voerdoseerder

zeugendosator Groba - voerdoseerder

Type number Capacity Height Width Specification Design
ZD10/450-BIE 13 ltr 580 mm 155 mm Inside attachment Economic
ZD10/450-BU2 13 ltr 580 mm 155 mm Outside attachment