A reliable and proven product

As former pig farmers, we know precisely what aspects are important in an optimal feeding system. We have succeeded in uniting the positive aspects of different systems into a single solution. This success is demonstrated by the countless pig farmers worldwide who use Grofast.

Grofast for piglets and finishers

Grofast is available in two models: a feeder for weaned piglets and a feeder for finishers. The feeder is made of high quality synthetic material and stainless steel. These materials guarantee a long service life. The round shape of Grofast ensures good hygiene and efficient use. The pigs have a better feed intake and waste less feed. Improved feed conversion rates lead to considerable cost savings.

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Grofast for finishers

Type numberno of pigsWeightCapacityHeightDiameterMeal feeding CCM
FP36/11508-1220 – 120 kg50 ltr1150 mm315 mmno
FM36/11508-1220 – 120 kg50 ltr1150 mm315 mmyes
FP40/12508-1220 – 120 kg57,5 ltr1250 mm315 mmno
FM40/12508-1220 – 120 kg57,5 ltr1250 mm315 mmyes

Grofast for weaners

Type numberno of pigsWeightCapacityHeightDiameterMeal feeding CCM
FP20/10008-128 – 30 kg29 ltr1000 mm250 mmno
FM20/10008-128 – 30 kg29 ltr1000 mm250 mmyes

Grofast for weaners

Groba Grofast voor biggen

Grofast for finishers

Groba Grofast voor vleesvarkens