Feed without spillage

It is important with pregnant sows to properly coordinate the feed and feed supplies. The sow feeder supplies fresh feed to sows housed in groups. Easy to access and optimal dose rate. Relatively low investment costs

Feeder for sows

The feeder is suitable to feed a maximum of ten sows. The system can be used in new-build and renovation projects. Sows, but also goats, can easily access feed without spillage thanks to the round design. This prevents waste. Hygienic dosing system for pellets, meal and CCM. Thanks to the simple dosing mechanism, that can be set to 15 different positions, the sows always have access to optimally fresh feed. The sow feeder is available with or without a water supply feature.

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Sows Type number Number of sows Capacity Height Diameter
Sows / Breeding gilts G-ZB55/1250-ED 4-10 sows 78 ltr 1250 mm 400 mm