Drinker for sows

Clean, fresh drinking water is vital to keep pigs healthy. Groba studied the drinking behaviour of pigs and designed a drinker that provides a continuous flow of fresh, clean water based on these observations: the Grodrinker.

Grodrinker drinkers

The Grodrinker has been specifically designed for sows housed in groups. The solid drinker has a round shape, which prevents soiling in corners and seams. The ideal height for the Grodrinker is 400 millimetres. The unique shape has been specially designed to suit the natural drinking posture and drinking behaviour of pigs. The shape virtually eliminates water spillage and no wasted water seeps into the manure pit. This reduces water consumption and achieves considerable cost savings on manure disposal. All these benefits make the Grodrinker an attractive investment. An extra water circuit can be connected easily to prevent freezing. A standard feature of the Grodrinker is the 4 millimetre wide, stainless steel mounting brackets. A flexible stainless steel connection pipe for easy mounting can also be supplied as an option.

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Grodrinker - drinkbak varkens

Recommended height

Install the grodrinker at a height
of 400 mm. The ideal height for
your pigs.

Anschlussschlauch Grodrink

Connection hose

An optimal feature is a flexible, stainless
steel connection for easy mounting
and a height-adjustable nipple.

Godrinker - drinkbak varkens

Rear side Grodrinker

The Grodrinker is fitted as standard
with 4 mm stainless steel mounting


Type number Weight Diameter Drinking nipple Height of Mounting
W-Z400-VC from 100 kg 400 Adjustable in height 400 mm